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According to Microsoft there are 30 million powerpoint presentations held each day. In every one, someone is trying to influence other people. Your words are important. Your body language is important, but what about your voice? Powerful presenters do specific things with their voices that instantly engage audiences, that instantly connect and establish trust. You know what I mean. We have all heard this before, but can you describe it clearly? Next time you get up to speak, audiences will instantly judge your character - and your voice will be a huge factor in that judgement. Voiceable is a scientific voice analysis technology and training tool. With it we can analyse your unique voice characteristics. We can give you immediate feedback on things like your pace, your pitch (tone), your rhythm, modulation, volume and how many pauses you insert. We can then compare these characteristics with our extensive linguistic database to predict how audiences are likely to respond to how you use your voice. Will an audience instantly judge you to be Boring (and tune you out)? Or will they find your voice to be Dynamic (and lean-in to listen more intently)? Your voice is a big part of this. We can teach you to master this and Voiceable is the tool for feedback and training. 

We have worked with 2 PhDs in London for several years to develop the core linguistic backend server application that does the voice analysis part. In the future we will employ deep learning algorithms to improve our analysis algorithms and to create an adaptable self-learning tool. We are also in the process of completing a functioning app front-end (iOS and Android) with plans to launch in April 2017. But we need your help. We have a major client waiting to do a bundle deal with our app. We just need to get it completed, tested and released. 

About the Assignment

We would like to engage 2 people. One will assist our coder to complete the app. The other will help to make some improvements to the User Interface and to assist with the testing and completion of the app (descriptions below). We estimate needing these 2 people full-time for a minimum of 3 months. At the end of that time, if you are the right person for this team, then we will discuss an equity position in the company and a more permanent engagement. We will offer you a fixed rate (per month) fee for working with us. We can be flexible with the times you work, but need a firm commitment from you as to the amount of hours you can work each month. For the right person, we will accommodate your situation. We will provide a desk for you at StartupLab where we will work intensively together over the next 3 months to get this exciting new product launched. If you have any questions or would like to apply for the position, please contact us at: 

Rick Salmon 91390604