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10 times+ more effective SW/HW cyber security tools
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5-10 MNOK

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Early growth

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15-20 MNOK

Prosa Security software lets you analyse and safeguard cybersecurity and compliance before new code goes live, new applications are connected -or before your next sprint in the agile development process.

Prosa Security’s tools for improvement in end-to-end application layer security in large ICT systems represent an interruptive step forward in cybersecurity, being the only tool with a holistic and rigorous approach that provides unseen levels of protection and prevention. This translates into unique efficiency levels in SW development, saving around 20% of the overall budget for developing a SW application.

There is an urgent need for disruptive approaches and new technology to improve industrial cyber security, since available alternatives (e.g., pen-testing, code review) leave vulnerabilities for cyberattacks at unacceptable levels.

In the so-called ‘age of information’, information and communication systems (ICT) are the backbone of our digitalised society. Especially from an industrial perspective, we entrust our most delicate details to these tools and, logically, we demand the highest level of integrity and availability to avoid any eventual data loss, unavailability or, maybe more important, misuse.

Our business opportunity is promising, with the European market of cybersecurity to reach €38.10 billion and the specific market of security testing solutions valued at €2.71 billion in 2022.

Prosa Security's focus the next 12 months will be to acquire valuable knowledge about product market fit (PMF) before the market expansion. The company foresee a funding need of approx. MNOK 20 million before going break even in 2020. We hold it for likely that some of these funds will be allocated from the EU as the introduction of tools and methods for increased cybersecurity is named a main area for financial contributions from the EU.

We anticipate that our investors will be family offices with funds available for co-investments also in the international expansion phase from 2020.