Tzi Li Wong
About me
Born and raised in Malaysia, the very tropical country but currently based in Sandefjord, Norway. I am an interior architect and graphic designer: Art and design is a passion of mine, and I love working with creative individuals who shares the same interest. I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and have several years of corporate work experience back in Kuala Lumpur and also with agencies here in Norway. My passion lies in art, design, architecture and creating design that is responsive to users. I have been creating visuals and graphics since 2006. My skills in graphic designing and architecture complements each other as both requires the same thought process. I communicate my design in a simplified and engaging visual methodology. What inspires me: I am inspired by nature and by simplistic. I like creating designs that embraces humanity, the organic and its way of life. My interest: - Spatial design - Illustration / Painting - User and site responsive design - Art & Culture - Exploring - Photography - New venture - Meeting new people over a good cuppa coffee!
Freelance Graphic Designer
2006 - 2016
I am constantly searching for ways to improve my skills in art. I have been producing numerous graphics and illustrations for different agencies and individuals throughout the years. Mostly were by recommendation from previous clients. My work includes editorial illustrations, poster, brochures, magazine cover, and branding materials. I also have experience in photography/editing to be used for blogs and website. Currently I am creating digital designs for companies like Lendlease, Daikin, Hafele and Melissa Shoes.
Plan A Design
2015 - 2015
Moved to Norway and was hired as an intern to learn about the ins and outs of a Norwegian design firm. During this learning process, I aided in developing design ideas that meet client's expectation and requirements. Researching and planning ideas to bring from concept to built form. Using computer aided programme (ArchiCad) to make 2D drawings and 3D perspectives. Producing construction drawings for builders' and contractors' usage. Worked in residential and commercial projects in a Norwegian context. I also did photography for interior spaces that was used for blogs and websites.
Kech Design Studio
Design Manager
2012 - 2014
In a startup interior architecture company is where you learn the most, a steep learning curve. You do everything from preparing coffee, running errands, writing taxes, developing design ideas and visiting site. The company grew from 1 to 6 employees in a duration of two years. During this time, I have learnt the ways of running a business hands-on right after graduating from university. In design wise, I was given the liberty to develop ideas and concepts that met client's brief and seeing things realised in built form. Researching and sketching out plans and making 3d visuals out of it. I developed detailed designs in construction drawings often using computer-aided design (CAD) software and hand sketches. Lastly, to meet and consult clients on progress. Yes, you do everything and that is the beauty of it!
G Sim Architecture
2010 - 2011
Done architectural technical drawings under a team of certificed architects
Taylor's University
Bachelor in Architecture,
2009 - 2012
Graduate study that focused on built environment, sustainability and user centered approach
Taylor's College
South Australian Matriculation,
2008 - 2009
College degree that focused on engineering subjects
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    Sandefjord, Norway




    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe InDesign
    3ds Max
    digital inking
    Interior design