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Front-end & Back-End Developers
Join us to revolutionize online learning!
Job description
Explain´s mission is to develop the next generation solution for online learning support. 

We want to create a LOVABLE solution to accelerate learning all over the world. We believe that everyone is different, and has different ways to learn. We believe that technology is only a means to enable a smoother learning experience and enhanced learning. We therefore need to find great technologists that are able to create a "flow" solution that the users simply love to use. 

First iteration on our journey is to develop an e-learning solution that assists secondary school students with their homework. Further down the road, we want to dive into the many EdTech opportunities embedded in various technologies such as big data, augmented reality, CSCW, artificial intelligence, deep learning etc. 

To do this, we need strong frontend & backend developers to join us on the journey.

We believe that you want to utilise your developer skills to make a difference: You get motivated by crafting something that can help thousands of youngsters to get as skilled as yourself. You are triggered by working with complex technologies to create simple solutions - that offers a wonderful user experience.

As our first dedicated developer, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Build something from scratch that has the potential to become a global state-of-the-art solution for online learning
  • Prove that tricky technical challenges can be solved
  • Be part of making the technology choices that defines our future roadmap

You will be part of a vibrant team combining professional teachers, skilled technical people and experienced investors. Our mission is funded by highly skilled investors with genuine passion for the business idea, and we have a strong team of tech and teaching advisors to continuously help us excel. In other words: Low risk, high reward, hitting the road running. How many startups can offer such opportunity?

Frontend developer:

  • Firstly, you have a strong passion for excellent user experiences, and you know how to create them
  • Your primary strength is as an engineer, but you have an eye for what works UX wise as well, and your apps looks good when you are done
  • You realize that real artists ship, and that user feedback is essential to make a good frontend
  • You feel strongly for your craft and for delivering high quality products that can evolve with time and shifting requirements
  • You have experience with React and React Native (or similar frameworks) and your Javascript looks like something out of 2017
  • You know what a promise is and can create your own
  • Ideally, you have already built cross platform and cross medium apps
  • Programming skills are more important than design experience at this point
  • Most of all you are a pragmatic programmer who thrives on delivering the right quality in the right way at the right time

Backend developer:

  • You feel confident building B2C-solutions for the web, and you are used to working with API design
  • You feel strongly for your craft and for delivering high quality products that can evolve with time and shifting requirements
  • You are used to balancing functionality, technical quality and time limits
  • Talking to customers and business people is ok with you, even though you probably like coding more
  • You are agile
  • You care more about data models than algorithm design, but you can probably explain quick sort if you really have to
  • You are comfortable with modern Javascript, Node, React or similar frameworks and languages, or you can explain why we should use something else
  • You have created an API before, and you are able to navigate PAAS vendors’ products
  • Your level of paranoia is healthy, and you know how to secure a system and what not to attempt to do yourself
  • Most of all you are a pragmatic programmer who thrives on delivering the right quality in the right way at the right time

You can offer:

  • Bachelor or master level education, or documented experience that can convincingly compensate
  • Strong experience in modern Javascript development and the entire stack that comes with it.
  • Experience in creating realtime apps is a plus (sound, video, pictures, chat)
  • Experience with (or interest for) in-house product development is also a good thing
  • Time, dedication, enthusiasm and your honest, skilled opinion

We can offer:

  • An exciting product that will help real people with real problems
  • The opportunity to be one of our first and defining employees
  • A hand on the steering wheel
  • Competitive salary
  • Your own choice of equipment and platform

Both positions are located in Oslo (Norway), in modern offices centrally located at Skøyen.

We are super enthusiastic about the path we have set on to. If this opportunity triggers you we´d really like to meet for a chat. 

Your application is welcome in Norwegian or English - your choice entirely.

Learn more about Explain and our mission at

We´re eager to hear from you!
Oslo, Norway
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Competitive salary
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